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Overcome the problems of low liquidity and high slippage

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Our tribute to the Community

A new staking and yield farming system for LZP is to be launched.

Launchzonians are rewarded in accordance with their contributions to LZ Eco

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Merge Tokens

  • Merge ZDCASH & zSeed into LZP
  • Merge BSCX, ZD & BARMY in LZ
  • Launch $1M Bounty campaign
  • Launch LZP & new farming pools

*Start DEX development

LZ Swap

  • Release limit order on LZ Swap
  • Improve estimatedtime for LZ Swap
  • Improve meme token trading on LZ Swap

LZ Wallet

  • Release LZ wallet
  • Release LZ Chrome Extension
  • LZ Wallet support Polygon
  • LZ Wallet support Avax
  • LZ Wallet support Near


  • Create stablecoin farming protocol
  • Create AMM aggregator routing protocol
  • Enable crosschain swap
  • Hold LZ to get better advertisement positions on our news & media site

Bridge & Farming

  • Bridge LZ to Polygon
  • Create farming pool for lz on Polygon
  • Bridge LZ to Kucoin Chain
  • Create farming pool for LZ on Kucoin Chain
  • Bridge LZ to Hecochain
  • Create farming pool for lz on Hecochain
  • Bridge LZ to Avalanche
  • Create farming pool for LZ on Avalanche
  • Release Stablecoin yeld aggregator

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